Closing (Sort Of)

By Alex Strouf (@alex_strouf)

The following blog may contain strong language or NSFW* content.

* – we’re not at work. we should probably rethink that acronym.

Closing (Sort Of)

Here we are.

The end of the semester, which usually runs simultaneously with life changes: graduation, moving, new jobs and internships, and more. However, that’s not the case–at least until May 26th. Still, then, life will be much different than it was last May 26th. And June 1st. And August 1st.



(Update – May 11th): Major League Baseball is discussing returning on July 1st. Which is great and will probably stop me from polling on Twitter and making stupid videos on TikTok.


@alexstrouf♬ original sound – theresayonash


In all seriousness, thanks for following along through this project, and maybe there’s more to come. For now, stay safe, continue to do what you’re comfortable doing, and be kind to one another.


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