From Others Perspective

By Alex Strouf (@alex_strouf)

The following blog may contain strong language or NSFW* content.

* – we’re not at work. we should probably rethink that acronym.

From Others Perspective

As we moved through the motions of the first month of quarantine, self-isolation, and Stay at Home orders, it continued to sink in: this all really fucking sucks.


Brian Anderson is a well-known play-by-play broadcaster who lives just outside of Milwaukee. He’s the television play-by-play voice of the Milwaukee Brewers for Fox Sports Wisconsin, while working the NBA regular season and playoffs scene for Turner Sports (TNT/TBS), as well as being a top voice for the NCAA March Madness Tournament for Turner.

In short, the months of March, April, and May usually consist of flying around the country every other day and calling different sports to audiences of hundreds of thousands.


On a typical late afternoon of the first Monday in April, Anderson would’ve been coming off of a weekend of either calling Sweet 16 and Elite Eight match-ups in the NCAA Tournament or he’d be at Miller Park prepping for the Brewers match-up that night.

Below, you’ll hear a three-and-a-half minute segment from the interview I did with Brian Anderson about COVID-19 and how he’s handling his free time.


Denton Day, a Washington D.C. native and resident, is best known for his nationally syndicated sports talk show through SB Nation Radio. Day hosts four hours a week nationally and produces countless others for SIRIUSXM’s ESPNU channel.

Day is in charge of filling several hours of airtime with content and interviews each week, and with the complete stoppage of sports, it’s made it a unique experience. Here how the pandemic has shifted his everyday life in a five-minute clip below.

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