Day 5: March 15, 2020

By Alex Strouf (@alex_strouf)

The following blog may contain strong language or NSFW* content.

* – we’re not at work. we should probably rethink that acronym.

Day Five

I woke up early on day five. It was the day my girlfriend, Taylor, and I were hopping in the car for our 24-hour drive to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


However, before we hopped in the car, my friend Denton Day, host of the nationally syndicated In My Opinion with Denton Day on SB Nation Radio.

On what the last 72 hours have been like for me:

“Nuts. Truthfully, I never expected anything quite like this. I knew it was gonna come, we all knew the Coronavirus was coming, but I never expected this. Now it’s ironing out my free time, because it’s rocked my employment because we’re not playing sports.”

On the Green Bay Blizzard & Indoor Football League suspending their season

“I wasn’t apart of the important conversations, I just got the press release. I found out from that. They were one of the last leagues to pull the trigger. As you mentioned, the Blizzard were supposed to open their season a week from today in Green Bay. I figured, as if we said, the giants start falling, the IFL would be postponed.” (The season has now been cancelled entirely.)”

On Reaction to NBA Postponing Season

It will absolutely be a 15-minute period where you look back on it and say, “I know where I was for that.” We had the Tom Hanks news, 12 minutes later we had the Rudy Gobert news, then one minute after that we had the NBA news.  then the Rudy Gobert news 12 minutes after, and then NBA suspending its season a minute after that. We didn’t expect things to fall that quickly, but once we hear the Rudy Gobert news, you start to say, “Uh-oh.””

The full interview can be found at the above link.

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