Day 2: Thursday, March 12, 2020

By Alex Strouf (@alex_strouf)

The following blog may contain strong language or NSFW* content.

* – we’re not at work. we should probably rethink that acronym.

Day Two

Now that we’ve slept on it, everything is going to feel a little normal, right?

Don’t think so.

8:15AM CDT: Emergency staff meeting regarding Raid on Trivia 51.

The radio station I run hosts what is dubbed the ‘World’s Largest Trivia Contest’–a 54-hour call-in contest–each April. This year would’ve marked the 51st contest, and Jim Oliva writes each contest. If you’re unfamiliar with the contest, here’s a 15-minute documentary from The Outline explaining the madness that is Trivia and ‘The Oz’.

The meeting was to talk Trivia. Strictly Trivia. We knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, but we weren’t expecting the decision to have been made already.

“We’re going to do something that’s never been done and postpone Trivia,” said Jim “The Oz” Oliva.

11:00AM CDT: Time for Announcement

Oz and I decided to announce this on the air later that day. It essentially flooded the 90FM Facebook page with shares, comments, and (dis)likes, but approval.

“The regulations that [the University of Wis.-Stevens Point] has implemented at this time, there are several, but the ones that specifically affect Trivia is the gathering of more than 15 people,” said Oliva. “This creates a massive problem because of people registering teams.”

That shook Stevens Point residents and dedicated players all over social media.

I don’t disagree, Jeff. That was a tough day.

At the point of the announcement, the NCAA Tournament and all NCAA-affiliated sports were forced to a halt.


3:22PM CDT: Interview with Dr. Helen Luce

As part of their plan to combat COVID-19, UW-Stevens Point’s Director of Health Services, Dr. Helen Luce, joined me and The Pointer editor-in-chief Cameron Ciezski on 90FM to discuss the Coronavirus.

“That’s why it’s a big deal, it’s very contagious,” said Dr. Luce.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was holding out hope, until a video of Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert touching reporters microphones as a joke about the severity of COVID-19 from days earlier emerged. It wasn’t the video that forced the NBA to fold its hand, it was Gobert’s diagnosis of COVID-19 that day. Exactly 60 seconds after that was announced, the NBA dropped a bombshell.

8:00PM: Buh-Bye to Sports

Quick thought: It’s neat that Woj and Shams, the competing national NBA insiders, each broke the two biggest stories of anything sports and COVID-19 related within one minute of one another. 

It was an early bedtime night.


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