So.. What’s Next?

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen?
Hope everybody is enjoying the bipolar Wisconsin weather as much as I am (and am not). If you’re not in Wisconsin, lucky you.

That said, my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is officially complete outside of a few projects. Exciting stuff, right?

I’ve learned some in the classroom and more than some outside of it, which we’ll leave out of this. I’ve continued to create, develop, and establish my niche here in central Wisconsin, and it’s been an exciting first year.

From serving a news shift during the largest trivia contest in the world (pictured right) to  being seen on ESPN’s First Take, it’s been an amazing freshman campaign. IMG_0211

But I’m just getting started.

So, you may ask, what’s next?

Well, last Friday was an exciting afternoon consisting of interviews, phone calls, and acceptance.

I accepted two positions on the same day: one for summer, one beginning this fall and beyond.

The first is with a summer baseball team called the De Pere Dodgers. I will be serving, essentially, as their media director for the summer. That consists pre- and post-game write-ups, creative and original writing, and serving as their public address announcer for home games. I’m really excited to work within the Wisconsin State Baseball League and see what kind of light I can shed on talented individuals.

The latter is one that comes with pressure, excitement, and potential.

On Wednesday, I was figuratively and literally given the keys to 90FM-WWSP (UWSP’s student radio station) to serve as their sports director for the upcoming academic year.

To make it easy, I was literally given the keys to one of, if not the most prestigious sports media position on campus. I’ll do my best to not drive it into the ditch.

Nathan Hansen (seen R in featured image), now the former sports director of 90FM, recruited me in late September to join the station. Since then, he’s been not only a mentor, leader, friend, but one of the few people that has the balls to say, “Alex, that’s bullshit.”

To say I’ve appreciated his friendship and leadership is an understatement. It’s been one of my favorite professional experiences thus far, and I cannot thank him enough for letting me be his protégé.

Ideas for both of these projects are already spinning in my head. I’m excited to begin.

Until next time,




One Comment Add yours

  1. Dawn says:

    Congratulations Alex!!!! Nothing better than doing something you love!!! Good luck in the future, wherever that takes you…👍


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